Our Company

A unique approach to technical support

We think ours is a unique approach to technology support - we promote the concept of "right-sourcing" through which smaller organisations receive all the benefits of having their own in-house team but with delivery by an outsourced company. 

To deliver this "right-sourced" approach, our technical staff work on-site as needed by your organisation. In most cases our staff are permanently based with you ensuring you get the highest level of service and allowing us to get to know you and how you work.

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Developing solutions to meet your needs

Sometimes you need a solution that cannot be bought off the shelf.  We spend a lot of our time finding solutions to common problems or time consuming tasks - and if we can't find a solution we will produce one for you.  Our breadth and depth of knowledge means we can apply the right technologies to your situation so you get a solution that exactly meets your needs and will stand the test of time.

Impartial technology consulting

Primarily we provide subscription based technical support services to barristers Chambers, Solicitors and other legal organisations. We are also the preferred technical support provider for several other Chambers and have undertaken a variety of ad-hoc projects and work for various organisations.

Training your people pays dividends

The better trained your people are the more efficient and adaptive they will be and the less support they will need - it is that simple.  We offer a range of training courses to help organisations and individuals get the best from their people and technology. 

Our team

Our 8 strong team is small but perfectly formed and everyone is genuinely committed to delivering the highest levels of technical support service to our customers.  We are also constantly working to improve the service we provide and operate as efficiently as possible.

Our values

We aim to make our company an ethically sound company to work for and be a partner with. Our Ethical Policy describes the commitments we make in this respect and how we will achieve them.

If you would like to find out more about our company, its services or the people involved, please contact:

Steven Bradley, Managing Director
Chambers Technology Support Ltd.
Telephone 0203 519 2005
E-mail steve.bradley@ctsltd.net