About Us

Disaster Action was founded as a charity in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from UK and overseas disasters.  For over 30 years we have worked with professionals in emergency management as well as those directly affected by disasters as bereaved people and survivors.

The context for our work ranges from ‘natural’ and socio-technical incidents through to deliberate acts of violence including terrorism. Our work is founded on the principles of accountability, support and prevention. It includes:

Support for those directly affected by disaster

The Disaster Action leaflet series When Disaster Strikes provides information for survivors and bereaved people whatever the cause or nature of the disaster. These leaflets have been written by and for those with direct personal experience of disaster.

Guidance for Responders

A series of detailed guidance documents for responders is available on the Guidance for Responders page. Topics include: disaster victim identification; helping people after emergencies; young people and disasters; privacy, confidentiality and anonymity; longer-term support needs; and helping people to come together after disaster. are available on the Guidance for Responders page.

Presentations, media liaison and interviews

We are uniquely placed to offer insight into the personal impact of disaster and the role professionals may be able to play in ameliorating the experience of others in the future. Please contact us to discuss your needs.