The Future for Disaster Action

Disaster Action would like to announce that our Executive Director, Pam Dix, has decided to step down from her role at the end of October 2015 after over a decade in this position. Our members are survivors and bereaved people who volunteer their time for the charity. Without their commitment DA could not have achieved what is has since our foundation in 1991.

A new Director is not going to be appointed. However, the Disaster Action website will stay in place for some years to come so that the unique resources on it will still be free to download and distribute. For one year an admin email address will be available on the site. Email requests for presenters and for participants in consultations, for example, will be forwarded to individuals still interested in carrying out this work, which will be done on their own behalf rather than as representing the charity.

At the end of October 2016 – Disaster Action’s 25th year – the email address will be taken out of service and the website will remain.

Collective Conviction the Story of Disaster Action (Liverpool University Press, 2014) will still be available to purchase.

Out of the worst experiences imaginable, so much pain and grief, came collective solidarity, focus and pride in our achievements. Our thanks go to all those who have supported Disaster Action. Many have helped us to promote our messages of informed choices and dignity and respect for survivors and bereaved, as well as our core principles of accountability, support and prevention. We ask all of you to ensure that identifying and addressing people’s needs stay at the heart of emergency planning and response.